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All About Madeleine


My passion for dogs started in my early Teens really. That was when I first began volunteering at a local Animal Shelter as dog walker. From the start I was specially drawn to the more troubled dogs, specially the fearful ones.  As I got older my passion brought me towards Horses and I started teaching how to ride a horse shortly after. Moving to Texas i began working at a big Horse Stable and training horses for Tourist Trail Rides. After a terrible spine injury that brought my riding Courier to a halt my Passion for Training and Working with Dogs rekindled and I started a Certification as Dog Training Instructor. 

Fast forward several Years and I moved to Norway and continued attending several Classes and Courses to deepen my Knowledge. In 2020 I discovered Game Based Dog Training through Absolute Dogs and after seeing the amazing changes in my own dogs I have since switched over to teaching fully game based training or concept dog training as it is also often called. In addition am I also a certified Canine conditioning fitness instructor, Canine Enrichment Technician and a Canine Trick Dog Instructor.

My passion are owner- dog relationship building, growing motivation and desire for training and behavior transformation especially reactivity, resource guarding and separation related behaviors (separation anxiety).

I teach and hold classes in Norwegian, English and German.


  • Dog Training Instructor Certificate (Catch Canine Trainers)

  • Modul 1 (Academy Of Dog Training And Behaviour)

  • Modul 2 (Academy Of Dog Training And Behaviour)

  • Besøkshund Fører (Firebent Terapi)

  • Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (Kyra Sundance DMWYD)

  • Pro Dog Trainer (Absolute Dogs)

  • Pro Dog Trainer Geek (Absolute Dogs)

  • Canine Enrichment Technician (DogNostics)

  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor (Kyra Sundance DMWYD)


  • Puppy Class (Fjellanger Hundesenter)

  • Basic Obedience (Bergen Hundehall) 

  • Snip Snap Snuse (Fjellanger Hundesenter)

  • Agility (Fjellanger Hundesenter)

  • Barn Hunt (Sotra Hundehall) 

  • Sexier than a Squirrel (Absolute Dogs)

  • G.R.I.T. (Absolute Dogs)

  • Boundary Games (Absolute Dogs)

  • Calm (Absolute Dogs)

  • LOGO (Absolute Dogs)

  • Pup2Perfection (Absolute Dogs)

  • Nose work (Canis Bergen)

  • Naughty but Nice Bootcamps (Absolute Dogs)

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