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Stop Pulling Mini Course


Does your dog pull on the leash as if their life depends on it? Do you have sore arms and shoulders after your walks?? We’re going to let you in on a little secret… Stress-free walks, where you aren’t getting your arm pulled off at every step, aren’t a far-fetched dream. In fact, with the power of games-based training, loose leash walking can be a part of your everyday reality! We’re excited to share a brand new mini-course from AbsoluteDOGS: Stop Pulling!

Stop Barking Mini Course


Do you have a dog who barks at everything?

* Other dogs - bark bark bark!

* A knock on the door - bark bark bark!

* Visitors - bark bark bark!

* Strange noises - bark bark bark!

* Unusual objects you encounter on walks - bark bark bark!

* Strangers - bark bark bark!

If your dog thinks everything is their business and likes to tell you all about it or responds to things that worry or excite them by barking, you may be feeling a little frazzled. Restore peace to your household! As an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner, I’m excited to share AbsoluteDOGS BRAND-NEW Stop Barking mini-course!


Stop Jumping Mini Course


This course deep dives into:
* WHY dogs jump and how to give a dog the gift of calmness, establish rock-solid boundaries and set your dog up for a lifetime of success
* How transformational your own mindset shift can be when you flip thinking about what you don’t want into what you DO want instead!
* Management strategies and solutions to get your training off to the best start!
* How to skill up your dog to ace having visitors in your home and how to train your guests to be the perfect training assistants (yes, you read that right! ) and set your dog up for success!
* And the list keeps going…
This action packed mini-course is dedicated to help you turn your jumping up struggles to strengths thorough 16 powerful lessons with Game Ups (take your dog’s training to the next level) and Skill Ups (enhance your own learning to optimise your success). This is the path to achieving real-life results and overcoming jumping up struggles!

Sexier than a Squirrel 25 day Challenge


25 days with 25 games that will supercharge you and your dogs relationship.

Do you want a dog that chooses you over distractions?

That simply loves hanging out with you?

Maybe you struggle with food or toy desire?

Join this super fun challenge with more than 25 games that you and your dog can play together.

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