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Does your Dog turn into Mister Hyde sometime?

The different Reactive dog course. In Norwegian & English!

So let's dig a little deeper - what actually is a Jekyll & Hyde dog?

Let's start by thinking about what they look like:

  • A dog that barks and lungs at the end of their leash when it sees a dog in the distance.

  • A dog who runs off instantly the second you unclip that leash.

  • A dog that races off as soon as it catches a scent and chases wildlife and livestock or any other critter.

  • A dog that chases, bark or lungs at cyclists, joggers or cars.

  • A dog that obsessively guards it's food or toys.

  • A dog that cries when you leave the house even if it is just for a few minutes. 

  • A dog that tries to hump you or your visitors every time they sit down.

Those are just some examples. The list of Jekyll & Hyde issues is endless. You know if you have a Jekyll & Hyde dog if your dog is behaving in a way that impact on your daily life.

For example pulling you hard whenever on lead so your shoulders hurt every time you walk your dog. 

Jekyll & Hyde includes:

  • A 6 week program that helps you transform your dogs emotional response to their triggers all through the power of Games. Regardless if that response stems from Fear, Frustration or over Excitement.

  • Weekly in Person training Sessions where we tailor the exercises for you and your dogs needs

  • Step by step training plan tailored to your dog.

  • Science & Game based tips to get great Focus and Engagement from your dog

  • Tips on how to grow a confident happy dog that just loves being with you

  • Teach your dog to turn away from any distraction and just say "this is non of my Business"

  • Continued Online Support in a great community 

  • Fun exercises that you can train at home and that WILL help you with real life results. 

  • The Jekyll & Hyde program is inspired by the dog-dog reactivity program developed by world-renowned veterinarian, trainer and behaviourist Dr. Tom Mitchell who is one of the leading veterinary behaviourists, consulting internationally through his behaviour consultancy service, and online teaching as absoluteDOGS and Behavet. Tom graduated from the University of Bristol with first class honours in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and top in his year. He develops the science of dog behaviour by conducting numerous published research projects on the subjects of canine behaviour and neurology and working alongside other international experts in these fields. 

6 Week Program:

The 6 Sessions are packed full with information. After those 6 week you WILL have a completely transformed dog. A dog that loves engaging with you, a dog that is able to turn away from any distraction Life might throw at them. This includes a private 1-2-1 Session with you and your dog. 

Jekyll & Hyde 1-2-1: 

Not all dogs start being ready for group Sessions. The Jekyll & Hyde 1-2-1 Program lets you enjoy all the learning and practice the games without any other dogs there. You can take 2 or 20 sessions and grow you and your dogs skills at a time and pace that is suitable to you.

1-2-1 Session

Before your first Group Session you will have a 1-2-1 Session with me and your dog. In person or online, you choose. Here I will meet your dog and give you games that will prepare you for your Sessions. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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