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raising a Puppy the Game Changer way


Pup to Perfection

Getting it right from the Start

Have you just welcomed home a puppy or rescue dog? Or would you just like to start again with your adult dog?

Are you fretting about where to start your training journey? Maybe you want your very own guide?

Worried you’ll end up getting things wrong?

Maybe you feel that you need to revisit some vital foundation training?

No time or worried about attending group sessions?

Then my Pup to Perfection Program is right for you.

During the sessions, that can be distributed suiting your schedule we cover everything you will need to know on how to get it right from the start. Like

  • the first 7 days at home 

  • house training

  • biting and jumping up

  • socialization 

  • separation related behaviors and how to prevent them

  • how to grow calmness in every day life

  • leash walking, recall skills and off leash freedom

  • and so much more

Best of all it will be Tailored to you and your Puppy and what you need the most at that moment of time. 

During that Period and for the duration of 6 months after your last lesson you will have continued e-mail and messenger support should any trouble shooting arise. In English, Norwegian or German. 

This Program is most suitable for all Puppies from the Day they arrive home. But also new dog owners, rehomed dogs or if you not happy with your current dog training and like to start new. 

How your next 20 week can look like

The first 7 days with your new Puppy

Week 1

Checklist with useful tools and items that will help you on your Journey. 
Surviving the first night. 
How to get it right from the start. 
Growing calmness from the get go.


Week 10

What is Socialization. 

How to prepare for it. 

Help! My puppy started barking at things!

Greeting other dogs and People. 

Beyond Puppyhood into ADOLESCENT

Week 20

Adolescent struggles and what they might include. 
What you can do to support your Teenager. 
Blip support.

Request your first Session today.

Teaching is available in English, Norwegian and German. 

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