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Dog Training Holidays on a Norwegian Island

If you are looking for a perfect dog training holiday experience
with memories to cherish, you are at the right place. Let’s plan
a 3 to 7 Night Stay for you and your dog.

The Island

MsK9 is located in Uggdal, this municipality consists of a group of islands, located south of the city of Bergen where the Hardangerfjorden and the coastal archipelago meet. The Bjørnafjorden lies north of the municipality and the Langenuen strait runs along the western side of the municipality. The largest of these islands, named Tysnesøya, can be reached from the mainland either by ferry to the village of Våge on the north side of the island or by the road bridge constructed on the eastern side of the island.

Since we at MsK9 prioritize our dogs above everything else, they must of course also join us on holidays and trips. It is not always easy to find places, accommodation and activities where your dog is also welcome, so we have done just this for you! All so that you don't have to stress about planning or worry about your dog, while you experience new things. You can look forward to useful training sessions and fun adventures in the most beautiful island nature western Norway has to offer. 


Here at MsK9 we train 100% force and intimidation free and teach you and your dog fun games to change behavior or enrich you and your dogs life. 

Several training options are available like 

  • Behavior Camp - MsK9 works closely with several Veterinarians  in Bergen and is specialized in Behavior transformation specifically for Reactive dogs, Separation Anxiety, Resource guarding and dogs with bite history

  • Fitness Camp - As certified Canine Conditioning Coach I can help you develop a fun fitness program for you and your dog you can practice at home

  • DogVenture Camp - Canine Enrichment for a calm dog, Scent work, Sport Games, Confidence Booster Games or Trick Training


You book yourself here at Anglerparadies Tysnes. You have 3  cabins to choose from. There are also good facilities for motorhomes and camping in tents and the option to rent a fishing boat during your stay. The cabins are located a 10 minute drive from the MsK9 Farm and training will happen at the Farm or right at your door of the Cabin.

Training is available in Norwegian, English and German in the months of April until end of October.


Chose and reserve your Cabin, contact MsK9 should you require help, select your preferred Camp and then choose between 10, 15 or 20 hours of dog training during your stay.


Your book your Cabin directly through Tysnes Båtutleie AS

If you need help with your booking or translation feel free to contact me.


Harald Hus

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Olga Hus

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Tysnes Hus

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